Forensic Science Service to be wound up

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:37
The government-owned Forensic Science Service, which employs 1,600 people, is to be wound up - closing by 2012. Crime Reduction Minister James Brokenshire said the Birmingham-based service was losing about £2m a month and could run out of money in January. Its evidence was key to the arrest of serial killer Steve Wright and in the case of missing girl Shannon Matthews. The Prospect union, representing 1,000 FSS professionals, said the decision made a "mockery" of the justice syste... [More]

Debate rages on over production of GM products

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:34
Every time Zhao Fengxia shops for cooking oil, she checks the label to make sure she is buying non-genetically-modified (GM) soy oil. “I am not sure whether GM food is safe or not. It just sounds scary,” said Zhao, a 47-year-old food safety-conscious consumer who works in a Beijing hospital as an accountant. “I prefer non-GM soy oil, although it is more expensive than GM oil.” While there has been no evidence to show GM food is harmful to humans, controversy has b... [More]

Regulation of genetic tests unnecessary, Canadian government says

by jeeg 14. December 2010 23:37
Industry forecasts indicate that Canadians will soon face a marketing avalanche to persuade them to purchase personal genetic test kits. But while American officials are moving to regulate do-it-yourself genetic testing kits because of concerns that results may be erroneous or may prompt patients to alter their medications or make other unhealthy choices, Health Canada says it is open season for companies hunting for Canadian sales. With at least 19 companies marketing personal test kits... [More]

SJC ruling extends reach of DNA cases

by jeeg 14. December 2010 21:40
The long arm of the law just got longer. The state’s highest court ruled yesterday that prosecutors can indict suspects known only by their DNA profiles and bring them to justice years later when police identify who the genetic material belongs to, even if the statutes of limitation have lapsed. In the Supreme Judicial Court’s first decision of its kind, the justices unanimously concluded that a DNA profile is an “indelible ‘bar code’ that labels an indivi... [More]

State sued over trading and selling of infant blood spots

by jeeg 9. December 2010 19:31
A federal class action lawsuit filed today in San Antonio claims the state “deceptively and unlawfully sold, traded, bartered, and distributed blood samples” from newborns in exchange for fees, lab equipment and other purposes. The suit was filed against the Texas Department of State Health Services and its commissioner, David Lakey, by the Texas Civil Rights Project on behalf of two parents, Jeffrey Higgins of San Antonio and Andromida McCall of New Orleans. It alleges that t... [More]

Genome sciences building evacuated after chemical spill

by jeeg 9. December 2010 19:28
The William H. Foege Building was evacuated yesterday after a chemical spill at around 5:45 p.m. More than a dozen UWPD and Seattle Fire Department (SFD) units, including a hazardous material team, responded to the incident. No one was injured in the spill.   SFD Battallion Chief Michael Walsh said that a shelf holding chemicals in a safety cabinet collapsed, causing the substances to mix together in an unsafe manner.   “There was a variety of products that broke and sp... [More]

No Room for Genetic Errors

by jeeg 6. December 2010 23:55
The beady eye of DNA regulators needs to fall on paternity testing THE genetics revolution has progressed at breakneck speed since the discovery of the structure of DNA and regulators have often struggled to keep up. It has been a few years since the "personal genomics" industry took off, and the US Food and Drug Administration is only now warning firms that genome scans are "medical devices" that require approval. New Scientist is all for sensible regulation to protect consumers. But a... [More]

Like to Sleep Around? Blame Your Genes

by jeeg 3. December 2010 23:26
And the mythology of genetics continues with this story below from Stephanie Pappas at Yahoo News which is an excellent example of exaggeration and outright false reporting on the relevance of genetic research and the power of single gene associations- CRG Staff Whether your roommate is Samantha Sleeps-Around or Paul the Prude, cut him or her some slack: People's predilections for promiscuity lie partially in their DNA, according to a new study. A particular vers... [More]

U.S. Orders Vast Review of Bioethics

by jeeg 1. December 2010 23:37
President Obama on Wednesday ordered a vast review to ensure the ethical treatment of people who take part in research backed by the federal government. His action is a response to the revelation this year that American scientists intentionally infected people at a Guatemalan mental hospital with syphilis in the 1940s. In a memorandum released by the White House, Mr. Obama announced a review of federal and international standards to guard the health and well-being of research participa... [More]

Vt. law on drug data mining ruled unconstitutional

by jeeg 1. December 2010 23:26
An appeals court says a Vermont law that restricts companies' use of information about the drugs doctors prescribe is unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled Tuesday that the law on so-called data mining is a commercial free speech restriction that violates the First Amendment. Three companies -- IMS Health, SDI and Source Healthcare Analytics -- had sued over the law, which was enacted in July 2009. The companies gather data on drugs ... [More]
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