President Clinton's Unusual Genome

by jeeg 11. October 2010 16:30

DNA Testing of Prospects Continues Under New Rules

by jeeg 10. October 2010 16:58
After it was revealed last year that investigators for major league baseball were using DNA testing on teenage prospects and their parents to verify the players’ ages to combat identity fraud, genetic experts roundly criticized the practice and raised questions about its legality. In response, baseball halted the practice. The investigators have begun using DNA testing again but are doing so under new guidelines, according to baseball officials. Prospects and their fa... [More]

Science journalists: no more simplistic pseudo-genetics, please

by jeeg 8. October 2010 22:02
A few articles published in the newspapers today have hit me right in a few sore spots, making me crankier than usual and compelling me to write a few new rules for science journalists. Pay attention. This first story is titled Male infertility gene discovered. It does an OK job of describing the actual study and even gets into the nuances farther in, but the lead is awful. Rule #1: Do not describe genes by the disease they cause when broken. This is a gene that contributes to male ... [More]

Break up of genetics advisory panel seen as premature

by jeeg 7. October 2010 21:34
Last month, Steven Teutsch, chief science officer of the Los Angeles County Health Department, received word that the US Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society (SACGHS), the expert panel he chairs that advises the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on how genetic technologies are integrated into health care, was to be abruptly disbanded in two week’s time. “We didn't anticipate the committee would end,” Teutsch says. “We... [More]

Couple urged surrogate to abort fetus due to defect

by jeeg 7. October 2010 01:26
When a B.C. couple discovered that the fetus their surrogate  mother was carrying was likely to be born with Down syndrome, they  wanted an abortion. The surrogate, however, was determined to take  the pregnancy to term, sparking a disagreement that has raised  thorny questions about the increasingly common arrangements.   Under the agreement the trio signed, the surrogate's choice would mean absolving the couple of any responsibility for raising the child, the ... [More]

Genetically Modified Pigs: Coming Soon to Your Dinner Plate?

by jeeg 6. October 2010 23:14
The outcry over FDA considering allowing genetically modified salmon for human consumption has almost overshadowed another GM animal that’s up for approval: the Enviropig. Researchers at the University of Guleph in Canada have genetically engineered a pig that creates fewer pollutants in its waste by combining the pig’s genes with those from mouse and E. coli DNA. They first created the Enviropig in 1999 and applied for FDA approval 8 years later. The FDA has been considerin... [More]

Horrific medical tests of past raise concerns for today

by jeeg 6. October 2010 00:49
The astounding revelation that U.S. medical researchers intentionally gave Guatemalans gonorrhea and syphilis more than 60 years ago is so horrifying that we want to believe that what happened then could never happen today. We want to believe that doctors are treating the poor, vulnerable and those outside the U.S. with more care and respect. But are they? Have we really learned what we should have from the travesty of past medical experiments? In recent years, there has ... [More]

CVS Pharmacy Sued for Violating Patient Privacy

by jeeg 5. October 2010 23:26
CVS Pharmacy is being sued for violating HIPAA, a federal law designed to safeguard patients' personal and identifiable information. Six other pharmacies in the state of Texas have filed a lawsuit against CVS Caremark, the parent company of CVS Pharmacy, alleging that the company does not have a proper firewall separating its private pharmacy data from its business marketing unit, as required by the Federal Trade Commission. CVS has been collecting data on patients and their prescribing ... [More]

In Memoriam: Dennis Pollock

by jeeg 5. October 2010 19:03
It is with great sadness that I announce that Dennis Pollock passed away yesterday in Dallas, TX.   He was a tireless champion for the Alpha-1 ( a recessive genetic disorder with emphysema like symptoms) community and a strong advocate for the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).    I met Dennis while working on GINA;  he brought an earnest conviction to everything he did.  He was a quick study and spoke out to memb... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine on Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing

by jeeg 5. October 2010 01:27
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing has been making headlines recently, provoking controversy and raising a wide range of policy questions.  The new issue of GeneWatch magazine, now available online, digs deep into this important issue with exclusive interviews, including a  candid conversation with Professor James Evans, lead consultant on the GAO investigation into the industry and DTC company 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki as well as penetrating essays by experts in the field addres... [More]
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