European Society of Human Genetics takes strong position on DTC genetic testing

by jeeg 4. September 2010 00:02
The European Society of Human Genetics has called for thorough regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services in a recently released statement in the European Journal for Human Genetics.  The statement covers all aspects of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services including: the marketing of tests information for consumers counselling and support consent and data protection the laboratory analysis of biological samples and the levels of supp... [More]

Study Finds Americans Willing to Join Database but Consent Issues Remain

by jeeg 3. September 2010 01:31
Most Americans are willing to have their genetic information shared in a national database, but they first want to be asked, researchers report. The new study included participants in the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) study, a long-term project tracking age-related changes in thousands of patients that's being conducted by a team at the Group Health Research Institute and the University of Washington in Seattle. When asked if their anonymous genetic and medical data could be shared in a... [More]

Genetic Predisposition to Survey Taking?

by jeeg 2. September 2010 22:59
A new study from North Carolina State is claiming that they have discovered a genetic predisposition to survey taking by comparing data from sets of identical and fraternal twins  As absurd as the premise of this study is on its face, it proves a classic example of the willingness to see a genetic predisposition to any and all human behaviors.  Perhaps most telling is the researchers claim in a press release that: “Because all of the sets of twins were raised in the same ... [More]

Synthetic Biology is in the "Cards"

by jeeg 1. September 2010 00:36
The ESRC Genomics Forum, based at Edinburgh University has developed a novel approach to engaging the public and gauging attitudes about synthetic biology. It has developed a synthetic biology "DEMOCS" card game, which stands for "Deliberative Meetings Of Citizens."  The game allows a small group of players with no background in science, let alone synthetic biology, to discuss the issue comprehensively, addressing issues from scientific potential to moral and environmental i... [More]
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