New CRG Report on Surrogacy in America

by jeeg 4. August 2010 00:57
  The growing surrogacy phenomenon in which women agree to have their bodies used to undergo a pregnancy and give birth to the resulting baby is becoming a major issue of the 21st century.  The practice is fraught with complexity and controversy surrounding the implications for women’s rights and health.  Society is only beginning to grapple with the issues that it raises.  Increasingly, surrogates function as gestational carriers, carrying a pregnancy to deliver... [More]

Venter Speaks Out on the Human Genome Project, Synthetic Biology and Personal Genomics Among Other Things

by jeeg 3. August 2010 00:01
In a DER SPIEGEL interview, genetic scientist Craig Venter discusses the 10 years he spent sequencing the human genome, why we have learned so little from it a decade on and the potential for mass production of artificial life forms that could be used to produce fuels and other resources.   SPIEGEL: Mr. Venter, when the elite among gene researchers undertook the decoding of the human genome, you were their greatest enemy. They called you "Frankenstein," "blood sucker," "Darth Venter... [More]

India to Introduce Legislation Regulating Surrogacy

by jeeg 2. August 2010 19:53
Shabnum Nur Mohammed Sheikh's reasons for bearing another woman's child are straightforward: the 60 rupees (80p) her husband earns from his food stall each day buys dinner but little else. Shabnum's first surrogate pregnancy got her out of a shared shack in a slum and into a small flat. Her second will pay for uniforms, books, bags and eventually, she hopes, university fees for her three young daughters. "I hope my kids will work in computers or something like that," Shabnum, 26, said. "... [More]
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