Conflict of Interest

CRG Report on COI in Medical and Toxicology Journals, September 2009

CRG's Sheldon Krimsky has compiled a series of Power Point presentations on the growing instances of ethical misconduct in the scientific world. Topics include conflict of interest, ghostwriting, and the withholding of research results, among others. These presentations can be found at his Tufts University website.

CRG in the News

U.S. Concerned About the Risks from a Plastic, New York Times, January 2010

Science and Supposition, by Patricia Williams, The Nation, March 2009


Playing with Fire by Sam Anderson, GeneWatch March 2010
(Researchers using DNA tests to search for Israel's lost tribes meet resistance from ethnic Pashtuns)

Indigenous People, Genes, and Genetics: What Indigenous People Should Know About Biocolonialism
by Debra Harry, Brett Lee Shelton, and Stephanie Howard (Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism)


Latina/o Farmers and Biotechnology by Devon G. Pena, GeneWatch, November 2001

Genes and Native Identity by Brett Lee Shelton and Jonathan Marks, GeneWatch, November 2001

Commentary: Life Patents and AIDS Drug Access by Jonathan King, GeneWatch, November 2001

Scientists Response Team

The GeneWatch Scientist Response Team brings together scientists from across the country who are willing and able to critically respond to genetic developments in the media. The Team's broad base of scientific expertise can efficiently analyze announcements from the industry and evaluate them for their true costs and benefits. The Team has also consulted on issues for lawmakers at both the state and federal level.

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