CRG Testimony to FDA on Human Germline Modification

CRG Human Genetic Engineering Fact Sheet

CRG's Position on Cloning
The CRG strongly opposes human reproductive cloning. We recognize the importance of research in early development, and support vigorous international discussions on the ethical and regulatory concerns that
such research should respect.

This statement supercedes all prior CRG statements on cloning. Approved by the CRG Board in May 2004

Background Materials

Stem Cell Primer (PDF)

Stem Cell Myths(PDF)

What Your Mother Never Told You About Stem Cells (PDF)

Cloning Statement

Germline Manipulation Position Paper

History of Cloning Timeline 1938 - 1999


GeneWatch Special Issue on Cloning

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Parental Preferences:  Beyond Deadly Disease by Susannah Baruch, JD, Houston Journal of Law and Policy, 2009

Eggs for Sale by Judy Norsigian, GeneWatch, October 2009

Egg Donation Dangers
by Judy Norsigian, GeneWatch, 2005

The Year of the Stem Cell: George Annas Talks About the Future of Stem Cell Research in America by Sujatha Byravan, GeneWatch, 2005

Yuppie Eugenics by Ruth Hubbard and Stuart Newman, Z Magazine, March 2002

Embryo Stem Cells and Biobusiness at 20 by Stuart Newman, GeneWatch, November 2001

Human Cloning: Brave New Mistake by Sophia Kolehmainen, JD, Hofstra Law Review, Vol. 27 No.3

Don't Try to Engineer Human Embryos by Stuart Newman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 25 July 2000

"The Hazards of Human Developmental Gene Modification" by Stuart Newman, GeneWatch, July 2000

"Genetic Technologies Troubling" by Paul Billings, The Times Union, 16 March 1999

CRG in the Press

"Gene Therapy Has Encountered Many Unexpected Obstacles," by David Lore, Columbus Dispatch

"US Panel Recommends Reopening Gene Therapy Trials," AFX

"Gene Trial Advised: Despite Illness, Panel Proposes Work Continue Because of Results in Other Cases," by Alice Dembner, Boston Globe

Legislative Materials

The Cloning Landscape: A Look at Pending Legislation 

Comments to the Food and Drug Administration, Biological Response Modifiers Advisory Committee, October 2002


Our Bodies, Our Selves

Foundation on Economic Trends

Center for Genetics and Society

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