CRG has investigated and reported on the commercial claims made about genetically modified crops and transgenic animals introduced into the food supply. More often than not, the claims have been exaggerated, the risks understated, and the scientific justification has been selective and commercially influenced. CRG has questioned the compatibility of herbicide resistant plants and insect resistant crops with sustainable agriculture. All uses of GM crops should meet rigorous safety testing and follow procedures of democratic participation by public stakeholder groups. Moreover, CRG's Genetic Bill of Rights requires that people have a choice to purchase non-GM crops that meet the organic standard.


Studies Finding Adverse Effects from Consuming GMOs

Scientists Find "No Consensus" on GMOs



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Council for Resposible Genetics Statement
RE: AAAS Board Statement Against Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods


Bioengineering Animals

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(Indias's Battle over Biotech Eggplant )

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