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The Council for Responsible Genetics is a non-profit organization promoting a comprehensive public interest agenda for biotechnology. We offer unpaid internship opportunities to qualified undergraduate and graduate students during the summer and the academic year. Interns work with senior staff and board members on individual research, writing or outreach projects in specific program areas.

Internships are available part-time during the school year (September-December, January intersession, and February-May), and part or full-time during the summer (June-August). Because the position is unpaid, intern's schedules are flexible. Interns are required to meet with their supervisor on a regular basis during the internship period. Students interested in summer internships with CRG should submit application materials as soon as possible. Interviews are scheduled by phone or in person at the CRG office in New York, NY.

Computer literacy (Mac OS, Microsoft Office) and organizational skills are a must. Familiarity with Internet research. Good academic standing. 

Application Process:
1. Cover letter detailing why you are interested in an internship with CRG, what you hope to achieve during your internship, the time frame (and approximate hours per week) when you would be available, and any other relevant information.
2. Current resume, with academic and professional experience.
3. Short writing sample (2-3 pages), on any topic, that reflects your writing ability and style.

Mail to

Internship Program, Attention: Jeremy Gruber 
Council for Responsible Genetics, 5 Upland Road Suite 3,
Cambridge, MA 02140.

Or e-mail NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. We will contact qualified candidates.

The CRG Internship Program is currently accepting applications.
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