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The Council for Responsible Genetics is a public interest organization that has been in the forefront of privacy rights advocacy in this new era of genetic information. We are sensitive to the need to protect the privacy of our website visitors and GeneWatch subscribers.

We do not share any information about donors, subscribers, web site visitors or others who contact us, except as required by law -- for example in the reporting of certain donors to the IRS. Our web site does not place cookies or other information on visitor’s computers.

Our web site maintains a log of the basic internet contact information from visitors to our web site such as the domain (such as .edu, .ca, .com). This information is not personally identifiable; we examine it occasionally to see how many people or what locations are using our web site.

If you send us your mailing address in the course of subscribing to our magazine, requesting information or making a donation, we will keep that information in our database. We sometimes use the database to send out CRG mailings requesting contributions or calling people's attention to an issue or event. We will not send those mailings to anyone who asks us not to, we will remove anyone from our database who asks that we do so, and we will not share our database with any person or organization outside of CRG.

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