By CRG Staff
Last fall, California's GMO Labeling ballot initiative (Prop 37) fell short by a 6% margin, having been ahead in the polls until biotech companies began pouring millions of dollars into stopping the initiative. The issue is still very much alive, though: Upwards of 70% of processed foods are estimated to contain ingredients from genetically modified crops, and groups across the country are gearing up for new efforts to require foods containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such.
  • The grassroots campaigns in 37 states plus Canada have formed The Coalition of States for GMO Labeling in an effort to coordinate state efforts to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws. For more information on the coalition, please contact: gmolabelingstatecoalition[at]
  • To see what's happening in your state, visit:
  • If you want to let people know your state's grassroots efforts to enact GMO labeling—or even your struggles, as it may be—email anderson[at] (mention GeneWatch in the subject line).

Compiled with contributions from Tara Cook-Littman.

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