Volume 24 Issue 1-6
Volume 24 Issue 6
Behavioral Genetics
Oct-Nov 2011
Behavioral Genetics Research
By CRG staff - interview with Jonathan Beckwith
A Brief History of the ‘Gay Gene’
By Timothy F. Murphy
The Business of DNA Forensics
By CRG staff - interview with Paul Billings
The Crumbling Pillars of Behavioral Genetics
By Jay Joseph
In Our DNA?
By Stuart Newman
Wising Up on the Heritability of Intelligence
By Ken Richardson
Behold, the Isotope
By Jason Silverstein
In the Wrong Hands: A DNA Database in South Africa
By Poonitha Naidoo
Changing Seeds, or Seeds of Change?
By Natalie DeGraaf
Consumers Call on FDA to Label GE Foods
By Colin O'Neil
Editor's Note
By Samuel W. Anderson
Volume 24 Issue 5
Forensic DNA
Aug-Sep 2011
Forensic DNA, the Liberator
By CRG staff - interview with Peter Neufeld, co-founder and co-director of the Innocence Project
The CSI Effect
By Robert A. Perry
Gene Patents v The Common Good
By CRG staff - Interview with Sandra Park, ACLU
Forensic Genetics: A Global Human Rights Challenge
By Jeremy Gruber
Twenty Years of DNA Databanks in the U.S.
By Sheldon Krimsky
The UK DNA Database: The Founder's Effect
By Helen Wallace
Next Generation Identification in Pakistan
By Bytes for All, Pakistan
Forensic DNA in Hong Kong and China
By Philip Beh
"Stop the DNA Collection Frenzy!": Expansion of Germany's DNA Database
By Susanne Schultz
Arguido or No: The Portuguese DNA Database
By Helena Machado
Overreaching DNA Policies in India
By Elonnai Hickok
Presumed Innocent? The Confused State of U.S. DNA Collection Laws
By Michael T. Risher
Can a DNA Dragnet Undermine an Investigation? A Case Study in Canada
By Micheal Vonn
Why DNA Is Not Enough
By Elizabeth Webster
CRG Leads Successful Campaign to Enact Landmark Genetic Nondiscrimination Law
By Jeremy Gruber
Rooted Resistance: Indian Farmers Stand Against Monsanto
By Mira Shiva
Editor's Note
By Samuel W. Anderson
Volume 24 Issue 3-4
The Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Jun-Jul 2011
The Booming Baby Business
By CRG staff - interview with Debora Spar
The Folly of Geneticizing Criminal Behavior
By Troy Duster
A Synthetic Biology Lab in Berkeley
By Jeremy Gruber, Tina Stevens, Becky McClain
Match, Mate, Trait
By Lisa C. Ikemoto
21st Century Parenting
By Susannah Baruch
Commercial Surrogacy in India
By Vrinda Marwah
IVF and Multiple Embryo Transfers: Everything in Moderation
By CRG staff - interview with Judy Stern
The Fast and the Furious
By Lori Haymon
Abuses of Women’s Human Rights in Third Party Reproduction
By Kathleen Sloan
Finding the Active Voice
By Tina Stevens, Pat Jennings and Diane Beeson
Egg Donation and Eggsploitation
By CRG staff - interview with Jennifer Lahl
Testimonial: Egg Donation Complications
By CRG Staff
Commercial Surrogacy and the Cost of Reproductive “Freedom”
By Marsha Darling
The Southern Baptist Ethics of ARTs
By CRG staff - interview with Barrett Duke
ART’s Minor Issue
By Michele Goodwin
Willful Ignorance
By Abby Lippman
Old Patterns, New Ideas
By Hedva Eyal
Topic update: Congress Raises Ire of Gene Patent Activists
By CRG Staff
Special Topic: Genetic Reductionism
By CRG Staff
Genetics Without Ideology
By Kenneth Weiss
Engineering a Red Herring
By Colin O'Neil
Editor's Note
By Samuel W. Anderson
Volume 24 Issue 2
Bioengineering Animals
Apr-May 2011
Ethical Limits to Bioengineering Animals
By Paul Root Wolpe
Musical Genes
By CRG staff - interview with Greg Lukianoff
Sacred Ground
By Samuel W. Anderson
Food and Drug Amalgamation
By Eric Hoffman
Food Unchained
By Samuel W. Anderson
Goat Pharming
By CRG staff - interview with William Gavin of GTC Biotherapeutics
Back on "The Farm"
By Rob DeSalle
Gallery: Bioengineered Animals
By CRG Staff
Topic Update: Federal Circuit Hears Appeal in Myriad Gene Patent Case
By CRG Staff
SARS in the City
By Lynn C. Klotz
Gene Patenting in Canada
By James J. Rusthoven
Unnatural Selection
By CRG staff - interview with Mara Hvistendahl
Massachusetts Legislature Holds Hearing on Genetic Bill of Rights
By Jeremy Gruber
By Samuel W. Anderson
Volume 24 Issue 1
Feb-Mar 2011
Time to Raise Some Hell
By Henry T. Greely
Suspect Creatures
By CRG staff - with George Annas, Robert Green, Patricia Roche and Susan Wolf
The Harm of Hype
By CRG staff - interview with James Evans
UK Biobank: The Grand Experiment
By Helen Wallace
From the Cradle to the Lab
By Samuel W. Anderson
Book Review: Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Case in Point: The NIH’s Biobank Breach
By CRG Staff
Genetic Privacy Worries on the Rise
By CRG staff - interview with Christy White, Cogent Research
Re-lighting the Beacon
By Steve May
GM Alfalfa: An Uncalculated Risk
By Philip Bereano
Topic Update: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Criticized at FDA Hearing
By CRG Staff
By Samuel W. Anderson
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