Volume 22 Issue 5
Volume 22 Issue 5
Sep-Oct 2009
Symbol Over Substance
By Jesse Reynolds
Eggs for Sale
By Judy Norsigian
Interview: Dr. Story Landis
By CRG Staff
Cloning for Kicks
By Pete Shanks
Genetic Time Travel
By Rob DeSalle
Interview: Rosario Isasi
By CRG Staff
Book Review: Genetic Rounds
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Topic: Livestock Cloning
By CRG Staff
Update: GM Beets Rebuffed
By CRG Staff
Search: GeneWatch
The Gene Myths series features incisive, succinct articles by leading scientists disputing the exaggerations and misrepresentations of the power of genes.
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Rapid developments in biotechnology over the last two decades have enabled corporations and scientists to alter nature's handiwork for commercial profit. The patent, a tool originally created to insure that inventors could share in the financial returns and benefits deriving from the use of their nventions, has become the primary mechanism through which the private sector advances its claims to ownership over genes, proteins, and entire organisms.
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