Volume 22 Issue 1
Volume 22 Issue 1
Genetically Modified Foods
Jan-Feb 2009
CRG Chooses New President/Executive Director
Why GM Crops Will Not Feed the World
By Bill Freese
Synthetic Biology May Usher in a Post-Petroleum Era, But It Won’t Be Green
By Kathy Jo Wetter
A Conversation with Dr. Árpád Pusztai
By Samuel W. Anderson
Antibiotics in Your Corn
By Sheldon Krimsky, Timo Assmuth
Bt Brinjal in India: Why It Must Not Be Released
By Aruna Rodrigues
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The Council for Responsible Genetics’ Genetic Privacy Manual: Understanding the Threats- Understanding Your Rights will be a comprehensive, electronic source of information for the consumer on these issues.
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The use of forensic DNA databases by law enforcement around the globe is expanding at a rate that should be of great concern to civil libertarians.
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