Volume 22 Issue 1-6
Volume 22 Issue 6
Genetics and Popular Culture
Nov-Dec 2009
How Art and Literature Can Contribute to Genetic Policy
By Lori Andrews
Dinosaurs in Central Park
By Rob DeSalle
Interview: Dr. Eric Green
By CRG staff - interview with Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute
Interview With the Gene
By Jon Turney
Myth, Mendel, and the Movies
By CRG staff - interview with Dr. Priscilla Wald
The Myth of Genetic Improvement
By Barry Starr
Liberation or Enslavement?
By Elaine Graham
Book Review: 'Homegrown'
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Fighting Genetic Discrimination in Canada
By Jo Anne Watton
The Real-life Characters of Cloning
By CRG Staff
Topic: Are UK Police Making Arrests Just to Get DNA?
By CRG Staff
By Samuel W. Anderson
Volume 22 Issue 5
Sep-Oct 2009
Symbol Over Substance
By Jesse Reynolds
Eggs for Sale
By Judy Norsigian
Interview: Dr. Story Landis
By CRG Staff
Cloning for Kicks
By Pete Shanks
Genetic Time Travel
By Rob DeSalle
Interview: Rosario Isasi
By CRG Staff
Book Review: Genetic Rounds
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Topic: Livestock Cloning
By CRG Staff
Update: GM Beets Rebuffed
By CRG Staff
Volume 22 Issue 3-4
Race and Genetics
Jul-Aug 2009
The Elusive Variability of Race
By Patricia Williams
The Color of Our Genes
By Osagie Obasogie
Post-Conviction DNA Testing and the William Osborne Case
By CRG staff - interview with Nina Morrison, Innocence Project
Racial Disparities in Databanking of DNA Profiles
By Michael T. Risher
BiDil and Racialized Medicine
By Jonathan Kahn
Natural Selection, the Human Genome, and the Idea of Race
By Robert Pollack
Ancestry Testing and DNA: Uses, Limits - and Caveat Emptor
By Troy Duster
Race, Genes and Intelligence
By Pilar Ossorio
Book Review: Intelligence and How to Get It
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
A Short History of the Race Concept
By Michael Yudell
Health Care and Insurance Reform: Improving Access, Recognizing Limits
By CRG staff - interview with George Annas
Film Review: Fateful Harvest
By Andrew Kimbrell
Volume 22 Issue 2
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
Apr-May 2009
Welcome From the President
Politics and Perserverence
When Science Fiction Became Fact
By Samuel W. Anderson
The New Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
By Jeremy Gruber
GINA's Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
By Mark A. Rothstein
Genetic Discrimination: Australian Experiences and Policies
By Kristine Barlow-Stewart
Book Review: Experimental Man
By Stuart Newman
Where Are the Genes?
By Richard Lewontin
Volume 22 Issue 1
Genetically Modified Foods
Jan-Feb 2009
CRG Chooses New President/Executive Director
Why GM Crops Will Not Feed the World
By Bill Freese
Synthetic Biology May Usher in a Post-Petroleum Era, But It Won’t Be Green
By Kathy Jo Wetter
A Conversation with Dr. Árpád Pusztai
By Samuel W. Anderson
Antibiotics in Your Corn
By Sheldon Krimsky, Timo Assmuth
Bt Brinjal in India: Why It Must Not Be Released
By Aruna Rodrigues
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