Volume 30 Issue 1 Jan-Mar 2017
Even the most precise alteration of a known gene is fraught with uncertainties. By Stuart Newman
New technologies raise new social justice challenges. By Elliot Hosman and Marcy Darnovsky
Anything short of a ban would require a radically novel system of regulation. By Jonathan Latham


Group Says US Needs Better Laws to Prevent Misuse of Genetic Information

CRG Board member Dr. Robert Green tackles the future of genetic discrimination laws in The New England Journal of Medicine


New CRG Report: Genetic Privacy and Biobanks

CRG in Newsweek: Who’s Keeping Your Data Safe in DNA Banks?

CRG in U.S. News and World Report: How to Cope With a Positive Genetic Test Result

CRG Board Member Dr. Robert Green Discusses Returning Genomic Research Results to Participants


CRG Coalition to Attorney General: Review FBI's Massive Biometric Database



CRG Disputes the Bad Science and Race Claims in Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance


Studies Finding Adverse Effects from Consuming GMOs

Scientists Find "No Consensus" on GMOs

CRG on Genetically Modified Food in the NY Times     

Council for Responsible Genetics Statement 
RE: AAAS Board Statement Against Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods


CRG Pens Chapter on Genetic Discrimination for New Edition of Bioethics Encyclopedia



CRG Led Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Publishes Article in the Egyptian Journal of Forensic Science


Watch CRG Board Chair Sheldon Krimsky Discuss Human Genetic Engineering at the World Science Festival


New Genetic Privacy Company Launches: BioGenFutures


CRG Leads the Debate on New Developments in Human Genetic Engineering

CRG Testimony to FDA on Human Germline Modification

UK’s Findings on Genetic Engineering: Not Unsafe Does Not Equal Safe

Human Genetic Engineering Fact Sheet

CRG Launches the California Genetic Privacy Network

TV: Watch Original Video on Many GeneWatch Topics

CRG led Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Launches
New Interactive Website


Protecting Genetic Data - Primer for Employers

CRG Submits Comments to the South African Parliament on its Forensic DNA Database Legislation

CRG Statement: Supreme Court Ruling Fails to Protect the Privacy of Americans' DNA

CRG Files Landmark Brief with US Supreme Court Challenging, on Racial Justice Grounds, Collection of DNA upon Arrest

Forensic DNA in the US:  Current Law and Policy 2013


CRG Opposes Bill in Nevada Authorizing Police to Take DNA Upon Arrest

























CRG Op-Ed Protecting Our Children’s DNA

CRG Talks Newborn Privacy in the LA Times 

CRG Victory! Privacy and Consent Provisions Added to Senate Passed Newborn Screening Bill

CRG Presses US Senate for Privacy and Consent Protections in Newborn Screening


New CRG Report Biological Laboratories: Risks and Regulations



New Book from CRG 

The GMO Deception

Watch CRG on Democracy Now! Discussing GMOs and The GMO Deception

 Watch Part 2 of CRG on Democracy Now!

Watch CRG on the Weather Channel Discussing GMOs and The GMO Deception

Ralph Nader on The GMO Deception in Food Science: What's the Harm?

Boston Globe interview with CRG Chair Sheldon Krimsky about The GMO Deception

Reading from the Book on NPR’s Author’s Corner

Ralph Nader on The GMO Deception and the Growing Food Safety Movement

What Politicos Are Reading This Summer:  The GMO Deception