How to catch a cheater


Girl, really need your advice. A week ago, I slept with my boyfriend a prostitute. I just worked as a cook and we work shift ends at 12 midnight. And that day I felt bad and asked for leave for a couple of hours early. Its about this guy did not say anything - decided to surprise him. When I got home, I go into the room, and then my guy on the bed with a prostitute ... So it was painful to see. A scandal. He began to make excuses supposedly wanted him badly, but I was not there, and he took a prostitute.

Says the only time this was, but after that I hardly believe him. I turned and walked away. Week with him talking and did not see. He asked for forgiveness, called, wrote, trying to see, but I still do not want any talk with him or even more to see. Only now I love him greatly, and sometimes I want to forgive a blind eye to it all, but I remember that picture that I saw going into the bedroom - a cheat start. Friend told me, they say

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