Volume 27 Issue 1 Jan-Apr 2014
As companies and governments come up with new ways to mine us for personal information, when does "nothing to hide" become "nothing left to hide"? By Patricia Williams
Kristin Lauter discusses a way to lock your genome in a mathematical vault – and keep retrieving information from it while it's in there.
Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg creates portraits of strangers based on DNA found on the sidewalk … and yes, the police are working on this, too.


DNA and Insurance: Fate and Risk

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CRG Leads the Debate on New Developments in Human Genetic Engineering

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CRG Testimony to FDA on Human Germline Modification

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CRG Launches the California Genetic Privacy Network

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CRG led Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Launches New Interactive Website

CRG Statement: Supreme Court Ruling Fails to Protect the Privacy of Americans' DNA

 CRG Files Landmark Brief with US Supreme Court Challenging, on Racial Justice Grounds, Collection of DNA upon Arrest

Forensic DNA in the US:  Current Law and Policy 2013

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Genetic Explanations: Sense and Nonsense

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CRG Travels to India to Work on DNA Database Legislation 


California Senate Judiciary Committee Passes CRG Supported Genetic Privacy Bill 

CRG Applauds California Introduction of the Genetic Information Privacy Act



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Race and the Genetic Revolution








CRG Testifies Against Rollback of Newborn Privacy Protections
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 Council for Responsible Genetics Statement 
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FDA Puts Brakes on Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

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CRG Statement: Supreme Court Ruling Invalidates Gene Patents

Supreme Court Says Isolated Human Genes Can Not Be Patented

A Patent on Life
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Biotechnology in our Lives 

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Trivializing Extinction



CRG Opposes Bill in Nevada Authorizing Police to Take DNA Upon Arrest

Should Healthy People Have Their Genomes Sequenced?
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CRG Board Member Patricia Williams on Ownership and Identity in an Age of Genomic Medicine